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Hey Boys...

Freshair Boutique

Commonwealth Manufacturing = The Perfect Shirt.


Have you ever wondered if the perfect shirt exists? Well, we got you. Please do yourself a favor and go check out Commonwealth Mfg. Located in downtown Winnipeg at 290 McDermot Avenue, on the 4th floor. Take a walk through their work space and see exactly where the shirts are made and go ahead and try one on for size.

The detailed craftsmanship and precision put into these shirts are what makes them timeless. Invest in one of these and it’ll be with you for many memories. Not to mention the fact that you’ll look great.

This company is less focused on branding and pushing their product, but rather focused on creating the best possible product, selling itself. Each shirt is designed to be simple, classic and enduring, so you don’t have to worry about it going out of style.


Another cool thing about them is they recently announced a ‘Take-Back Program’. They will now be accepting any unwanted Commonwealth shirts, regardless of their condition in exchange for 15% off your next CMFG shirt. They will also fix these shirts up to offer them in a pre-owned shirt collection at reduced prices.

Have you tried these shirts? What are your thoughts?

-Freshair Boutique

hey boys...


Jewelry and the man... Cartier-launched-last-year-Juste-un-Clou-series-of-jewelryHow many guys do you know that wear jewelry?  Not a wedding band, but a bracelet or fashion ring?  Have you ever seen that?  I feel like most men are comfortable with necklaces but not so much the wrist action...

Amazing-jewelry-in-HAATI-CHAI-Autumn-Winter-2012-2013-LookBook-4I suppose there is more femininity associated with a bracelet or bangles than a necklace or a watch even.  The times that I had seen a man wearing a bracelet were rare.  Most of the time the wrist action would be quite subdued and undoubtedly masculine.

tumblr_lkc29bYCZa1qci1keo1_500If bracelets seem a little out there for you there are always rings, cufflinks and tie clips that you can add to your accessory repertoire.  Just be sure to remember that most cufflinks are worn with specific shirts.  You would need a shirt with french cuffs to accommodate cufflinks.

tumblr_muz6n5PJde1qffgmpo1_500Would you ever try some accessories?  A ring even?  How brave are you?