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I'm embarking on an experiment...follow me.


Li Lash photoSo I'm aging everyday and I'm noticing my lashes thinning out.  They used to be way fuller and a bit longer as well.  I'm going to try this Li Lash purified eyelash serum every night for three months.  I'm putting myself out there for you guys.  If it works, I will be very happy that my lashes are back!  If it doesn't work, you will know and will keep searching for lash plumping products.  If I get a violent rash (I won't) you will also know...

I'm posting these photos to show you the journey.  I am not wearing any mascara at all.  In four weeks I'll post some more, then four weeks from then and so on.  When I received the product it came with a pamphlet that showed a brow booster as well.  Well lucky me!  The nineties have left me with the most feeble of brows - over-tweezers unite!  I'm putting this stuff on my brows as well (I feel like it can't hurt) so I included them in the images.

photo 1photo 2Okay.  Good luck to me.  If any of you have heard ANYTHING about this product please comment and let me know.  I would appreciate any bit of advice.  Till next time...