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La Biosthetique Heat Protector Shape

La Biosthetique is a product line that's been around for many years.  Some of you may know them because they have an extensive skin care line and high-end make-up.  I stumbled upon them a few months back and I am now loving this particular product. For those of you who flat-iron always, heat protector is the ticket.

I like to apply the spray onto damp hair and then totally dry the hair and spray a bit more before I flat-iron.  It gives amazing  shine and seems to straighten the hair better than some other products I've used.

I can't say that there are any negatives that I can think of because I love the way this product works.  It totally delivers and I am sold.  La Biosthetique also has a line for fine hair that I love and I'll probably give you my perspective on that as soon as I get on it.  So if you want to give your hair the straightening of its life, try this. That's the fresh perspective...

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