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Crappy Hair

So, let's face it.  We've all been there, excited to get your hair done only to realize you hate it?!  If this has never been you then, bravo, stop reading.  It's rare that some folks may not have experienced disappointment in a service that they had paid for.

I think that's how we all should look at it. Our clients (you) pay us to do a service (hair) for them.  Most times it works out but, other times it may not.  This is completely normal and the point of my post today is that it's okay to 'complain'.  It's okay to speak your mind if you were confused about the service(s) you were receiving.  It's okay to hate your cut and color.   It's okay to wish you never tried something new.  The fact is, it's hair.  It grows everyday and after a few months -if your hair actually grows- you have new hairs to tamper with.

We need to realize, as stylists, that we may sometimes swing and miss.  We may sometimes suggest something that was not really suggestable (yeah. I made that up).  We may have cut your hair a little too short.  If you don't tell us then we assume everything is okay.  If you are ever unhappy with your hair, as my client, I would hope that if you liked me enough and respected me enough as your stylist, you would tell me.

Stylists and clients do have close relationships and that's why I think it's best to be honest if you are unhappy.  Obviously there are ways to express your unhappiness that should not include expletives or references to one's mother, but this type of reaction is only going to get you a bad reputation amongst salons.  If you're truly upset then don't call the shop till you've had some time to relax, and think it over.  Don't forget that it is just hair and the professional that caused your emotional collapse can probably fix it if you speak to them in a respectful tone.

I could regale you guys with stories of situations in which a client was unhappy and reacted negatively but that would be pointless.  No one likes to be yelled at or called names.  If your service was less than stellar it is your right as a paying customer to speak to someone in charge, just remember that the individual you are 'complaining' to is a person just like you.  That's the fresh perspective...

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