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Just a bit of info...


IMG_4959This instagram image sparked a bit of controversy over the last weekend.  It's difficult to know how people feel about decor choices but as one disgruntled follower commented, we started to think that maybe some of you were also wondering.  We are an Eco-friendly hair salon.  We never said ever that we were vegans/vegetarians.  We never once said that we don't eat meat.  What we have said is that we are a full service hair salon with an Eco-friendly edge.  Cow hide rugs are in fact very Eco-friendly.


It did cross my mind while I was purchasing the rugs, that maybe some people would take offense.  What I didn't anticipate, was an individual going to great lengths to slag our business because of decor choices.  I welcome any criticism about the service we provide or the experience you receive when you come into our shop.  That I can deal with.  But when someone can insinuate that we are liars because of a choice I made in decorating my shop, it makes me want to clear the air.

Cow hide rugs are great because no part of the cow is wasted and the process that the hides go through are way less abrasive than the process of manufacturing carpets or other types of material rugs.  Material rugs also CANNOT last a lifetime like the hide rugs can so  that means you are having to purchase them over and over.  They carry dirt and dander and can be stained with any type of food or beverage.  The hides are hair and therefore cannot be stained and are easy to clean.

This link also has some more information if you choose to learn a little more about the hide rug.  For the record, we like to keep our social media feeds positive and uplifting so if you would like to slag our shop on social media, we will take it down.  If there is anything you'd like to tell us you can feel free to call or email.  Have a great week!