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the fresh perspective...


THE LAKE 05+06+2010+cute+skona-hem-white-cottageSummer is in full swing right about now and I'm sure many of you have been enjoying lake life.  I would LOVE to have a cabin but I don't love the responsibility of a cabin.  Next year I'm going to rent a cabin for a week and get my fair share of lake life.

uwharrie mountains009004I'm excited for lazy breakfasts and even lazier lunches.  I'm excited for the water and the coolness and calmness she brings.  I'm excited for the quiet that comes from being in a remote place.  I'm excited for the real brightness of the stars and the moon.  I could go on...  I'm also excited to expose my chicks to lake life and the great outdoors.

White-Cottage-1Do you have a cabin or spend your summers away somewhere?  Where do you go? What do you like about lake life?  Any tips for a newbie like me? I'd love to hear how you spend your lake weekends.  That's the fresh perspective...