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the fresh perspective...



Oooh... This is one of my all time faves for a fall fragrance.  If you haven't smelled this perfume before you are in for a treat!  It is a rich, warm, musky scent with hints of gardenia, vanilla and patchouli.  It reminds me of fall and my youth... It reminds me of wool socks and pumpkins and dried leaves... It reminds me of chilled wind in the leafless trees...

I usually get my fumes from Shoppers Drug Mart because they are conveniently located everywhere, open late,  and have a very good selection of designer perfume.  If you find that you don't change your scent by the seasons, check out this fragrance... It's kind of nice to smell the way you think a season should smell like...  Fall is my favorite season and Gucci Rush is one of my all-time fave fall fumes....  Wonder why...?  Might be the orange shade of the container, or might be the birthday season, all I really know is that's the fresh perspective...

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New month, new 'tude


So here we are again...

This month is going to be bananas!! I have so much going on and I know that the month WILL fly by faster than normal.  Wanna quick synopsis? Well I'm giving it to you anyways...  I got a friend visiting from Ireland (gotta chill with her a few times), gotta a wedding to attend, a few classes to teach, two bridal showers, a Dr's appointment for the status of my fetus (I'm due in 5 weeks), a pseudo baby shower, a T.V. interview and um yeah, a dinner party.  Yowza!

This month my attitude is gong to be new and improved.  Not that my attitude as of late has been stank, but I think that I should probably ship up for the busy month that I have in front of me.  I find that when I have stuff going on, a little pep talk to get me in the zone has never hurt.  Actually, it helps me focus on the tasks that need to get done.  Fortunately, when this month is over I should have a new small child and have accomplished so much.  Whew...

So, here I go...