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The Fresh Perspective

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I know there are some people that absolutely dread a camping trip, but if you have yet to at least give it a try - please do! I am a huge fan of camping and look forward to it every summer. It started out when I was young with family canoe and camping trips, and continued as a grew older with friends and loved ones.

Depending on the time of year and the level of camping you’re into, your needs with vary drastically. I always enjoy being comfortable, of course, however I like to make the trip as simple as possible by packing only necessities - not so extreme, but not like a glam camper, ya know?

Slightly less glam than this… ;)

Slightly less glam than this… ;)

My most recent camping trip was in Tulabi Falls. It was INCREDIBLE. Myself and a group of friends booked the back country camp site and trecked on in on a Friday afternoon. Let me tell you, if you book those back country sites, be prepared to walk about 2 km’s to your site. We didn’t plan for this and packed quite heavy so the struggle was real. But, the reward was totally worth it. These back country sites are right on the water. You can slip on in and cool off at any time, take a tube ride down to the falls and spend the day jumping off of the cliffs and hanging out by the rapids. If you’re not ready to brave the back country, book yourself a yurt. They are absolutely beautiful and are next on my list.


Some of the top places to check out would be Tulabi Falls, Spruce Woods, random islands on West Hawk Lake, or one very random spot a friend brought a group of us to off HWY 1.

My biggest advice for camping trips consist of the following list;

  • be open-minded

  • bring the strongest bug spray you can find

  • rubber boots are a great way to avoid poison ivy

  • practice your around the fire jam suggestions prior so you sound like a professional

  • don’t be afraid to get messy

  • leave your phone in the car

  • soak in and appreciate the nature


That sums up my camping blog! I could talk about it a lot so if you have questions or need suggestions, comment below!

-that’s the fresh perspective…