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magic monday - oscar edition


OSCARS 2013. On a night when the entire world is tuning in to see who wore what, and who won what, I'm nestled on my couch streaming red carpet footage. As I sit cozied up here watching Sally Field barely tolerate the red carpet interviewer, I cannot help but recall what I find to be the most memorable looks from Oscars past. Here's my roundup:

I love Michelle Williams' bold yellow Vera Wang. Paired with the crimson lip and soft swept hair, I couldn't help but lady-swoon.

michelle 2006

Quvenzhané Wallis, of Beasts of the Southern Wild. If you've made the tragic mistake of not seeing this film yet, you must RUN VERY VERY FAST to your computer/television set equipped with movie renting magic/local theatre. You'll be able to finish reading this blog post once you've finished crying/dreaming of running through the bayou with Hushpuppy.

I promise. 

quvenshane wallis

Meryl Streep. Can we pause for a moment, and marvel at this woman? So heavenly and age-appropriate. At all times. If you haven't yet seen the diptych of her in 1979/2009, please do so immediately.

meryl 2010 chris march

Let it be known that Cher was 39/40 in these photos. I'm 26 and could definitely not pull either of these looks off. If I could, I would. Kudos to you Cher. Kudos.

cher bob mackie 8687

The late 90's were a painful time for fashion. In the era of his and hers denim ensembles, Celine went for broke with this bizarre backwards suit. Even 14 years later I STILL cannot quite figure out what's going on.

celine 1999

Back to reality with Cate Blanchett in Givenchy, 2011. I'm still dreaming of the neon pop against beautiful soft purple.

cate blanchett 2011 givenchy

No 'memorable' Oscar roundup is complete without Bjork's infamous swan dress.


Jessica Chastain was incredible in a Mcqueen gown last year. Again, the simple, soft hair paired with a bold, but classic gown.

j chastain 2012

We'll be sure to do a roundup of our favorite looks this week!  In the meantime,  what were your favorite or most memorable looks? Share with us!

xxo p