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HERE COMES THE SUN summer1A friend and I read an interesting fact about the sun and your hair.  According to Allure, 100 hours of direct sunlight on your hair is as damaging as having straight bleach on it for 30 minutes.  What?! Can you believe that?  When you really think about it, your skin gets darker in the sun so of course it can affect your hair!

Here are a few tips to protect your locks from the sun:

-try to use products with UV protectors.

-in a pinch, a little sunscreen mixed with water can be sprayed in for extra protection.

-cover it up!  Scarves and hats are quite functional and fashionable.

SONY DSC-make sure you clarify every now and again.  A clarifyer will strip your hair of environmental build up and product build up.  Once clarified, give yourself a treatment to replace the moisture you've washed out.

-braid it up and away!  Braids are the hottest trend right now and will expose less of your hair to the sun.

Summer-plaits-cropIt doesn't take long to check the ingredients on the products you buy.  Purchasing from a salon will allow you to dialogue with your stylist and he or she can steer you in the right direction.  If you're the type that spends ALL summer in the sun, get yourself some protection!  That's all I need to say, that's the fresh perspective...