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The Fresh Perspective...

Freshair Boutique

Is a Degree necessary?


How many of you have been told that you are nothing without some sort of education? A career is important for some, but others might feel like giving 20-30 years to one position is preposterous! Is that what a career even means? The definition of career is quite vast. Starting with, a profession that you learned how to do with specific training over a period of your life, to a combination of jobs held, titles earned, and works accomplished over your lifetime.


These days, less and less folks are sticking to one job for 20 years or more. Some people move around every 4-6 years, changing aspects of their current job or changing companies all together. Somewhere we have connected too much to the word career. We put so much pressure on ourselves to accomplish so many things by a certain time in our lives. Is that even right?


Career or no career, one needs to be able to feel good about oneself. If there’s something in your life that you don’t like, you can change it! It’s never too late to try and be better today than we were yesterday. There’s always something new to learn, even if you’ve been at it for 20 years…

That’s the fresh perspective…

O's Book Club

Freshair Boutique

1Q84-Haruki Murakami

This fatty is a project but it is definitely worth it! Set in an alternate universe, two intriguing stories that, at first don’t seem related but as it evolves, you see it all come together. I can’t explain much without this being 4 paragraphs long but if you like dystopian novels, this one is an awesome and unique experience!


Rebecca-Daphne du Maurier

I’m often skeptical of older classics. They are notorious for a reason but I usually find them boring. This one did not fit that bill. It is not written in some old timey, flowery language aka, super easy to follow. It’s creepy and mysterious right from the beginning and you truly don’t know where it’s going until the very end. Definitely give it a shot if you’re into suspense!


Book Club with Olivia

Freshair Boutique

Welcome to the first entry of Olivia’s book club! Here you will find suggestions for great reads, reviews on some past reads & possibly some book bashing. Here we go!

Follow Me Down - Sherri Smith

Written by a Winnipegger, this is a thriller that will lock you in instantly. Every time you think you’ve figured something out, you’ll end up with 3 more questions. Just trust me on this one.


The Girls-Emma Cline

Initially you think this book is about a cult set in the 60’s and that was enough for me to pick it up. But it’s really about a teenage girl navigating her insecurities, trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs. Sometimes you’ll want to shake her but if you’ve ever been a teenage girl, you can definitely empathize with her as well. Easy, quick read.


Happy reading!