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What's In Our Bags?

Freshair Boutique


Salon Manager


Where is the bag from?

It’s DIY! Guess what? We’re making some for Freshair! Perfect to throw in your essentials when you’re out & about.

Here’s what we found inside…


01. Dentyn Ice 02. **Kitsch Scrunchie 03. BIC Intensity pen 04. **Hand Shit 05. Paper clips 06. Favourite sunglasses 06. Go-to MAC lipstick (Pink Plaid) 07. **Moglea Notebook 08. Cellphone 09. McDonalds coffee card 10. DIY change/card purse

Starred are items Leah picked up in our boutique. If you'd like to try any of her favorites, swing on by and pay us a visit!

happy monday!

the fresh perspective...

Freshair Boutique

Praise Okwumabua’s go-to fancy hair styles

Hi there! I’m Praise and I’m the owner of Freshair Boutique! I’m also one of the three senior stylists that work at this shop and I have attended my fair share of fancy events and parties. While doing a little scavenging in my iPhone, (I’m a selfie connoisseur) I found some of my favorite ‘fancy do’ images.

In my opinion, what usually makes a hairstyle fancy is based on a few things. 1) Volume, 2) Stay in placeness (not a word…) and 3) Height. While I have seen many formal fashion houses and party goers rock the slick bun (no height OR volume), this look does have number 2, staying in place abilities.

So when you are styling your hair for your next fancy thang, remember my three points. Or don’t, I’m cool with whatever you’re cool with! Oh yeah, I forgot another really easy way to gussie up your hair do is to add a little something. Brooches, sparkly pins or even bow ties can really take a bland hair do to the next level!

Have a good time out there and remember to be safe!

That’s the fresh perspective…