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Back to school, back to school


Here we are! September 6th is around the corner! Many folks hate this time of year, but I kind of enjoy it! Like New Years Eve, it’s a chance for a new beginning and pumpkin spiced lattes!

School buses 1500x915.jpg

There’s Halloween and Christmas coming. There’s the promise of snow and hot chocolate. There’s the start of a new season that gets me so motivated!

I enjoy packing up the summer things and bringing out all the clothes related to warmth and coziness. I suppose if you’re not one who likes lists and total organization (like me) the thought of September and all things fall/winter may give you a mild heart attack. Fear not, I have a simple handy list you can use to make sure that you are very ready!


The list is quite detailed but very informative! You have 2 weeks left to go!

That’s the fresh perspective…