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O's Book Club


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O's Book Club

Freshair Boutique

1Q84-Haruki Murakami

This fatty is a project but it is definitely worth it! Set in an alternate universe, two intriguing stories that, at first don’t seem related but as it evolves, you see it all come together. I can’t explain much without this being 4 paragraphs long but if you like dystopian novels, this one is an awesome and unique experience!


Rebecca-Daphne du Maurier

I’m often skeptical of older classics. They are notorious for a reason but I usually find them boring. This one did not fit that bill. It is not written in some old timey, flowery language aka, super easy to follow. It’s creepy and mysterious right from the beginning and you truly don’t know where it’s going until the very end. Definitely give it a shot if you’re into suspense!