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I AM NOT MY HAIR IMG_4796I would like to have a bit of an open discussion about hair.  To be more specific, a **black woman's hair.  I've been styling for over 15 years and have never felt that my hair was defining me everyday.  When I cut it off a few months back, I didn't realize the backlash that would ensue... My husband hated it, and some clients felt like I would be making a huge mistake.  Some people even said, 'too bad, she's a pretty girl...'.  I'm not sure I understood that when I was born, it was my duty to choose only hairstyles that would be comforting to all the human beings on earth.  Me choosing to cut my hair has offended some...  I didn't realize that cutting off MY OWN HAIR, would bring so many opinions up.

IMG_1561What I find truly confusing is how many people have told me that they think it looks great!  Are they lying?  Do they think I went too far?  My question to you is this, "Does your hair make you who you are?".  Do you agree with the fact that society has tried to mold us to feel like if we don't do things this way then that will happen?  Are any of you black ladies in agreement with me or not?  Do you think your hair is you? White ladies, do you think that hair is that important or not?  Also boys, what say you here?  Do you feel like I've touched on something?


One of my co-workers told me of a story of a young white girl who had braids done in her hair and so many black girls lashed out saying, 'you gotta take our hairstyle too?!  why can't we have our own thing?'.  Ummmm, WHAT?!  No race or nationality owns hair!  You own your hair and no one else...  I'd really like to know what y'all think, Caucasian and African American/Canadian or any other race for that matter...

That's the fresh perspective....

**I use the term 'black' and 'white' loosely.  I do not mean to offend anyone, I'm just not the best typist and find using those terms easier on my fingers than using the terms Caucasians or African American/Canadian.  I know the terms used in this article are not politically correct and once again I mean not to offend.**