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February tumblr_mf2tyv92KN1rm04h3o1_500_largeWhat do we have in Feb? Well there's Valentine's Day, (extreme cold) and we get a long weekend in honor of my man Louis Riel and extreme cold.  There's also the Festival Du Voyager and let's not forget our birthday with a side of extreme cold...

tumblr_m9ffkkrS3x1r67kbgo2_500On February 23rd we turn five!  We made it! We made it through a bunch of drywall and paint and dust and we are going to be better than ever!  The renovations made us step our game up.  We believe in a better experience for our clients.  We really work hard for you guys and we want you to know that it's because of you that we are still around for another year!  Without you guys we are nothing.  We may be nothing without you guys but we are also extremely cold.  That's February in Winnipeg.

IMG_5059 Thanks for sticking with us and allowing us another year of fresh, freshness!  We love you guys!  If you're not too cold on Tuesday, Feb 24th, come down to the shop to celebrate with us!

That's the fresh perspective