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hey boys...


Curled up wavyhairYou have curly hair?  How do you wear it?  I find it's very rare that a man with curly hair wears it curly.  Most boys with textured hair wear their hair so short, you can't tell it's curly.

mohawk-curly-hairThese images show the best of both worlds.  There is lots of length on the top and the side and the back are cropped short enough that it's a non-factor.

Shaved-Sides-Hairstyles-Men-With-Curly-HairHair this texture does require a good product that will hold the curls and keep them from frizzing.  No need to blow dry here, just throw your product in and let your hair do it's thing.  The next time you're in for a haircut, maybe ask your stylist what he/she thinks about growing out your curls.  Life's too short to never try a new style.