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the fresh perspective...


WELCOME TO THE NEW AGE tumblr_mucngz6ikt1qaonh9o1_5002015 is here!  Resolutions, begin!  I'm amazed at how fast last year came and went.  What a trip!  I delivered a baby in 2014 and we expanded the shop in 2014.  I d-jayed (I dunno how to spell Dee-jay. Sorry) in a night club and took a train for the first time.  What's 2015 going to bring?  I do have a few tricks up my sleeve...  For me, 2015 will be the year of my big chop (again).

tumblr_lvzgln1R9w1qh0gmgo1_500 For all of the hairstyles I have tried, this one is new.  I'd like to be bald for just once in my life and 2015 will be the year I do so.  What are you going to try?  You get another year to do it all again.  Anything you regretted last year?  Anything you would like to try again?  2015 is new and fresh and just waiting for you to leave your mark on her.  Do you have what it takes?

That's the fresh perspective...