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hey boys...


tumblr_mcnjn8UYEi1qcvgr2o1_1280 I was at a Christmas party this past weekend and took notice of all the boys.  My husbands workplace has a large number of male employees and because I work with women, it's not hard to notice a well dressed man.


What type of style do you have?  Do you tend to be a bit lazy and leave the house wearing whatever is clean and not on the floor?  Are you anal about ironing and need an hour to get ready?  We need to remember fashion is not just for the ladies.  There are some guys out there that really know how to put a kit together.  Boys I'm sorry I've neglected you for so long...


Don't forget!  Hair, facial and/or scalp, can really show people how far your style goes.  Haircuts are a real cheap way to change your look up a bit and facial hair (if you can grow it) can add a lot as well.  It's very popular right now to have some sort of hair on your face.   Mustaches and beards are all the rage.  What are you willing to try this season before we start anew in 2015??