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the fresh perspective...


Middle times Are you in a hair rut?  Same cut, same color, same/same/same?  The time is now to make some changes to your lovely locks.  November is here.  The cold is looming.  Maybe a few good inches off your length will take care of the dry bits you ombréd all summer.  That length you've been dragging around for months may need a pick me up coming into the winter season.

A hot length this winter is the mid-length.  Kinda long, kinda thick and kinda blunt.  This middle length is good for scarves and will perk up any winter hat.  Think about it.  You wanna try it, you know who you are.  That's the fresh perspective...

168g9zd tumblr_mv6az0vn0G1qeckcno1_500 **Be sure to stock up on leave-ins and treatments this month.  Start protecting your hair now, before it's too frigid.**