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The perm


bradley-cooper-1-600x450I think the perm is one of the most interesting hairstyles of all time.  It can be pretty good but most of us know them to be pretty bad.  There have been a few perms going on in the shop as of late and it makes me wonder...

medium_portraitIn the past ten years, I've done a number of perms.  Perms for gals who have limp hair and want a pick me up.  Perms for lazy folks that just want a wash and go.  I've even done a half perm for a client who has half of her hair naturally straight and the other half naturally curly!  My next perm is a few weeks away and I thought I should share, in my opinion, some tips and tricks.

-go curlier than you would like.  If you're the type that just wants a loose wave or body perm, go curlier. Shampooing breaks down the curl, so in a few months your perm might be gone.

-get a consultation.  I don't recommend perming hair that is chemically processed.  The act of perming is a chemical process so doing both can be damaging to your hair.

-get proper products.  When you're consulting with your stylist they should be able to give you some suggestions on what to use during this time.  It's important to use the right products to maintain the curl and health of your hair.

-don't expect too much.  If you have six hairs on your head don't think that the perm will be the game changer you were looking for.  You'll still have six hairs, they'll just be permed...  Some images clients bring in show a curly-haired gal with an abundance of hair.  The fullness of hair can make of break how your perm sits and falls.  Be prepared that it may not look like the picture in your mind.

-just relax.  A perm is short for permanent but we all know that there is no such thing.  In the event your perm sucks, there's a lot that can be done.  If not, you can always go for that pixie you've been wondering about...  It IS just hair.  It's not that serious.

If you ever want to try a perm ask your stylist!  They can be fun and can really add a new dimension to your hair styling routine.  Would you ever do it?