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bad-customer-serviceWith all this talk of expansion, it got me thinking about how we run our business at Freshair Boutique.  I wonder how people rate us or even if they think we give good service?  From when they walk in till when they walk out, are they satisfied with the amount they were charged?  Would they come back?  Would they recommend a friend?

33952A few weeks back we had a complaint from a client in regards to the specific service they were booked for.  They emailed us promptly and told us their issue.  I was grateful.  I feel like most times we are unhappy with bad service or a botched service, we don't tell the business why we were unhappy, we just don't return for any other services.  Herein lies the problem, how can we rectify anything if no one wants to speak up about the way their haircut went, or that they were never greeted, or whatever it may have been to ruin their experience.

tumblr_mkhwqy4vru1rq5vgjo1_500It's tricky but we're looking for new ways to try to track how every customers experience is.  We want to really be different and really make a difference.  Do you speak up?  If you were unhappy about any type of service did the business know about it?  Any tips or tricks you can give to try to track how we're doing?  I'd love some suggestions and hope that anyone who frequents our establishment will have enough guts to tell us if we need improvement.  Let's face it, we could always improve on something.  That's the fresh perspective...