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now-23-february11Ah February!  The month of Love, Black History, Groundhog Day, Louis Riel, Mardi Gras, and much more.  We made it through the first month of the new year!  How are those New Years resolutions looking?  Still working out?  Still saving money and spending less? Still attempting to get a hold of your diet and eating?  I'm going to go with PROBABLY NOT!

images-2I'm not trying to be a downer but the chance that any of us are actually still keeping up with our goals is probably quite slim.  I'm sure some of us are going strong but I bet a majority of us have already let a few things slip through the cracks these past few weeks.  I know for myself, I've been struggling with the weather and have slipped off a bit on my spending/saving goals (nothing like retail therapy when you're suffering from the low temperatures.  I was doing so good and now.... Well, let's just say that I'm slipping a wee bit.

februaryI've decided to try to focus on some of the great things that February has to offer in order to cheer myself up.

1) the shortest month of the year. let's get on with it!

2) RAW: almond

3) some dinner dates and birthday parties

4) one month closer to summer coming... (see first point)

5) NFL Super bowl XLVIII

snowpocalypseI can't think of anything else, and now that I have made this list I feel like maybe this wasn't such a good idea... I'm up to nothing considering that two of my points are basically the same point and the Super Bowl is totally and indoor event that lasts only a few hours...  I'm over this weather and I'm over this cold.