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Puffy, puffy hair.


Today is hair night at my house.  My younger daughter will have her hair washed, conditioned and then braided.  I usually do corn rows because they do last the longest.  Every once in a while, I let her leave her hair out.  She loves it, but because of the texture of her hair, it doesn't take much for her hairs to get knotted.  When her hair is knotty it usually involves tears (on her part) and lollipops (on my part)...  Whatever works people, whatever works... cornrows-for-kids-with-designs-115

how cute is that gold necklace?

Do you have any opinions on little black girls and their hair?  Do you think Afros are high maintenance and are too much work?  I guess it depends on the type of hair your child may/may not have.


Hopefully tonight will go smoothly, but I doubt it...