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Seche Vite Top Coat

For all of us out there who love painting our nails, a quality top coat is the main kicker. Something that will hold all those layers in, keep that shine, and is relatively "chip-free..."

seche vite

I have used quite a number of different top coats in my years as an esthetician, as well as in my high school days. I've always loved painting my nails, but there's no denying that regular polish chips.

Seche Vite is definitely my favorite top coat for regular nail polish at the moment. It'll help lengthen the wear of your polish by a few days for sure. It has a thicker consistency, so don't be frightened, it still goes on very smooth and evenly. The fact that it's also fast drying is a huge bonus for us who don't have hours to sit a dry.

blue nails

As a heads up, once you're about half-way through the bottle, you'll notice that it starts to get even thicker. From the amount of use, and oxygen getting into the bottle its losing its natural consistency. All you need to do is add a few drops of nail thinner to bring it back to life. Just make sure you don't over thin it, because it won't have its lasting power at that point. Having a polish thinner on hand is great for all polishes, whether it be base coat, colors, or top coats. It gives it a longer shelf life to get the most use out of your bottles.

So go grab your favorite polish, paint your nails and try Seche Vite. I highly recommend it.

pale nails

-né xo