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Months, if not YEARS go into planning the big day.  The amount of effort put into all the details is incredible.  Yet somehow, it seems to fly by...

wedding 2

Whether you want to capture that magical first dance...

wedding 3

The groom's outfit details...

wedding 4

The bride's one of a kind dress...

wedding 7

The most adorable flower girl and ring bearer...

wedding 8

That special moment between three generations...

wedding 9

The stunning flower arrangements...

wedding 10

Or simply the love that continues to grow between two individuals...

wedding 11

Fear not, these things will never be lost nor forgotten.  These memories are the ones that stay with us forever, and each hold a special place in our hearts.  Although, in this day and age, wedding photography is a booming business and rightfully so.  It is super important to have those consults with your photographer to make sure they have the same understanding of what you're wanting to capture on that one and only day.  Word of mouth, and proof of work are key.  The internet is a great tool to scope your options.  Here are some Winnipeg photographers that I find to be unbelievably talented, and would do your very special day more than justice (just incase you're in the market)...

Janine Kropla

Josh Dookhie

Kamp Photography

I am not married myself, but I have the absolute pleasure of standing up for my brother, my very best friend, in a week and a half.  I could not be happier.

- né xo