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the fresh perspective...


PRODUCT REVIEW Compressed towel tablets



I love these towels!  As a mother of young ones, I need to have a handy wipe around at all times.  Prospector Co, a line we carry at the shop, has these great towel tablets.  You get six in a jar and all you need to do is add water.  The tablets turn into wipes that you can use on faces, hands, and genteel parts.  Because you just add water,  you don't have to worry about any of the chemicals that can be present in many over-the-counter wipes.


It's too bad that you only get six in a jar but I like to think that being able to reuse this cute 2 oz. jar makes up for it. ( I have three already...)  Also, because it's a 2 oz. jar, it can fit almost anywhere!  To be fair you don't need to have kids to get this product, it's handy, and works really well.  That's the fresh perspective...