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1. Your feet hold the entire weight of your body.  That's a lot of pressure on a daily basis, and reason enough to make them a top priority!


2. Calluses, dry skin, and blisters continue to develop regularly.  Proper exfoliation can help prevent your feet from getting to a dry/cracked point of no return.


3. Moisture, moisture, moisture!  Our skin needs constant hydration, especially the skin on our feet.  If you've ever experience the dry cracking, you probably know how difficult it is to repair that.  A pedicure is a great spot to start that healing process.  A nice thick lotion is generally applied during the massage part of the service.


4. Tough, stubborn nails.  It is quite common for toe nails to be thick, or become ingrown.  This can be extremely uncomfortable, especially shoved into shoes!  Don't stress yourself out by attempting to fix them yourself, because it is most likely you will create more damage than good.  Trust me, there's a reason why there are professionals who have taken training for this.  A regular nail trim, can make all the difference.

5. Relaxation.  We all deserve it, plain and simple.  The idea of just being able to sit back, soak your feet in a tub of hot water, have them cared for, and massaged to release all that tension is quite dreamy.

soaking feet

Now these are just a few reasons, but definitely important ones.  I highly recommend getting a regular pedicure to keep you and your feet the most happy.  It's totally worth it.

-né xo