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MOTIVATION inspiration for a shoot

June is upon us and before we know it the heat and the insects will have us all complaining about cooler times and bug-less nights.  Until then, what are you doing to keep yourself motivated to enjoy the summer?  Are you a runner/outdoors type who is motivated by our longer days? Maybe you're a patio drinker that's motivated by the longer days?  Are you the type that gets the cottage itch and re-locates to the lake for the summer?  You might be the type that takes in all the city's festivals and shows for the summer.

i love this look, but with a dark purple lip? stunner.

I can't actually decide which category I fall into, but I do know that I'm getting some motivation to get more creative with fashion in general.  I've got a few shoots booked this summer and I'm getting excited about being able to do a little styling on the side.  I'm not sure that the average joe knows how much work, time, and planning actually goes into a proper photo shoot, but I'm ready for the task!

summer+boots= photo shoot magic

Motivation is a funny thing because we all have the capability to accomplish anything we would like, we just don't always know how to pull the trigger and get things done.  I think the majority of us do need something external to get us to accomplish more.  Something more external that forces us to look internally...  The nice weather and all the stylish people who come in and out of my life are motivating me to be more creative.  By the time you come into the shop in the fall, you will see the fruits of our labor and time.

ride 'em cowboy...

Country living and lake life are where I'm getting my motivation from and hopefully it'll translate well on camera... That's it.  That's all...that's the fresh perspective...