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You're Beautiful Dove-models-real-beauty

The beauty industry is indeed one of the many reasons we women have issues with ourselves.  As a key player in the beauty business, I believe that we need to find a real way to better our lives as women.  We need to find a real way to try to make a size 10 just as sexy as a size 4.  We need to find a real way to make being 5'1" just as sexy as 5'10".  We need to find a real way to make pale skin as sexy as tanned skin.


We need to appreciate more than the "norm" for beauty because we are all normal even though we are all different.  Even though I know I may not be typically beautiful, I know that I am attractive and sexy in my own off-way.  I know that I am confident.  Maybe posting my weekly outfits or hairstyles may seem a little self-indulgent but it's the least I can do.  Maybe selfies and duck faces aren't for you.  Maybe your real way of aiding the self-confidence of females is delivered in another way that's more comfortable to you. Like I mentioned before, I am a key player in the beauty industry and have no problem being an example.


This is the real way I can make a difference.  I can be an example and use my knowledge and expertise to really give perspective.  I know that I've been a little nervous to say that I could be an example, but don't you think all of us gals could be examples for each other?  Don't you think you may have something to teach?


A client of ours showed us a video on beauty and Renée touched on it on Thursday.  I just want to say that it really made me think.  Then I started inspecting my thoughts on beauty and my own physical looks.  For all my flaws and perks, there's no one else I'd rather be.  Let's try to help each other see that there really is beauty in all things.  That's the fresh perspective...