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hey boys...


So, it's been a while and here we are again.  Movember was, and is, always going to get men to give having facial hair a try.  The look of a hairy face is quite a trend and now that we're in 'Decembeard' you might notice more people sporting beards.  These days a good beard can go along way.  Mustaches are a little harder to pull off 11 months out of the year but a beard is quite simple. Long and full

You don't need to shave, just keep the hair you have in a specific area and keep the hair moisturized, combed and tidy.  Beards are great especially if you can get full coverage.  Here are some ideas.  For you guys who work in a corporate environment as long as you keep it tidy, it's all good!

Low and tight (also, what a great bag huh?)

Great beard, great hair...

So good!

P.S.  We carry the men's line Prospector Co.  This week all the products are on sale for 15% off.  What better time to try some beard oil!