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Going gracefully PART 1 -The conversation- 80617272_XSSo the day has finally arrived.  You are going to let your grey come in and just 'see' if you like it or not.  You're just a bit curious to see what you'll look like.  Also, you're tired of coloring every month.  Whether you do it yourself, or pay someone to do it, you're done.  So how do you do it?  Well people, let's get to it...

I believe, and most of you know, it starts with a conversation with your stylist.  Then it will be an appointment to start the color process of going lighter, then it's the cuts, and then it's your homework.  After those four steps you should be on a path to no coloring bliss or at least fully grey.  Now this all depends if your locks are short or long.  This depends if your hair is thick or thin.  This also depends on the state of your hair.  Are you curly or not so much?  All of these factors will come into play while your going through the steps.

It will be a conversation to tell your stylist what you want and then they can tell you if it's possible and if so, how to get there.  The conversation is very important because this will determine what happens next.  You need to realize that whatever plan your guy/girl sets out for you will only go as far as you allow it.  If you break down and throw some color on your hair during the process you will make it harder on your stylist and most importantly yourself.


Why do you want to be grey? Start there.  I feel like most of us want to do it because we are tired of coloring.  So fine.  You stop coloring your hair and you are now grey.  Your problem won't be solved overnight if you aren't prepared to start DOING your hair.  If you let the grey come in then I believe that a good time to start looking for a really good cut would be now.  Grey hair that is cut and styled nicely is quite stunning.

Jamie-Lee-Curtis-with-grey-hairThis conversation should cover all areas.  Your hair might be more coarse so you'll need to change your products.  Depending on the type of cut and style, you might eliminate hot tools all together.  Maybe you can GROW your hair now that you're not coloring?  Don't ask for other people's opinions on what you should do.  You and your stylist should decide.  Trust me, if you let your grey come in and you just neglect the cutting and styling part you will appear to be lazy and unmotivated.  Your friends and family will urge you to color your hair again.  If you're going to commit to letting the grey come in then you need to really buckle down, focus, and put the work in.

While your deciding, look around you and take note of the folks with greys that you see.  The ones you like will be the ones who have found the cut and style for them.  Maybe that sleek bob or that short shag.  It's all going to depend on what you think you might like.  After you and your stylist get it all out then you can figure out what method would be best.  This depends on where your majority of grey is.  Temples? Part line?

In the next Going gracefully we'll chat about the coloring process.  I urge you to get friendly with your stylist and if he/she tries to talk you out of it, let them know how serious you are in going grey.  If they still aren't being supportive then it's time to find a new stylist.  Yeah, I said it.  That's the fresh perspective...

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