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For many of you salon regulars, you may have noticed that in the past few weeks it's been a little harder to see your favorite girls... What's going on?  What's happening? We are getting busy.

Our little shop is finally catching on around these parts and we are working, working, working.  If you are a regular client that's used to just calling a few days before your desired appointment then you should know that those days may be over.  How does that seem fair?  You're the one who's been coming regularly, a loyal and consistent client. Now no one can fit you in?!!! BALONEY!!

What you need to do is to be booking your appointments when you leave the shop.  It's easy to cancel an appointment you have, but very hard to make one when there aren't any available.  This is good practice for everyone and should be done at every appointment just to insure that you indeed have an appointment.

This booking etiquette is something stylists can work on as well. Your stylist should be telling you when to book your next appointments to coincide with whatever hair goals you are trying to reach.  Try to remember, and we should try to remind you as well.

Every service at Freshair Boutique should be a marvelous one and the salon etiquette series will help you learn what should be happening at every visit and what you could be doing to make it great!  That's the fresh perspective...

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