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It seems to me that there are quite a few of you lady folks out there that are getting your locks permed.  We have had at least 3 perms in the last few weeks and because of this I decided to see how everyone feels about permanents.  So funny how the name means long-lasting because they actually aren't that long-lasting for most people...

Why would anyone want a perm?  Maybe you're lazy.  Maybe your hair is *limpy pimpy.  Maybe you've always had straight hair and dream of beautiful waves...  The fact is, if done well, perms are very nice.  You get body, volume, and an easy wash and wear style.

You may not be the best candidate for a perm if your hair is heavily highlighted or chemically damaged.  If you're not sure, just ask your stylist.  Some stylists are anti perms because it's not to easy to guarantee a great permanent look.  Some hairs don't take perms well, some hairs don't curl (they just frizz), some hairs look chemically damaged after the perm.

The best way to avoid any of these things is to make sure your hair is in great shape (preferably virgin) and the stylist perming you is comfortable.  My one tip to you curious perming virgins is, make sure you get a good strong curl pattern.  When you've decided the type of texture you want, it's okay to make it a little tighter.  I have found that if a client wants a loose body wave and no curl it's best for them to leave the salon with curly hair because shampoo tends to loosen up curls.

If you wanted a beachy wave and left the salon loving the looseness, in a month you may have nothing.  It's better to have it curlier than you would like, because then at least, as the perm starts to relax you'll have more longevity.  Does that make sense?  If my client says, "oh! it's so".  I am secretly doing back flips inside because then I know they will love it later on when it relaxes because folks, permanents aren't that permanent.  That's the fresh perspective...

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*limpy pimpy- no body and very limp and life-less.

FYI- We just got a new organic perm in and are itching to try it on people.  If you're interested, reply to this post with your inquiries, we might be able to make it happen for you...  Also, I should say that some people's hairs love perms and they look great and last a while.  Just a little disclaimer...