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the fresh perspective...


So I was chatting with a client during a haircut and we got onto the topic of 'hair changes'. I may have come on too strong in the past couple of posts about trying new things with your hair and changing, changing, changing...

What if your hairstyle is best for you already? What if you have a cut and shape that works with  your hair type, lifestyle and personal style? What if everyone always tells you how great your hair is? It's official, if you're a change-a-holic keep it up.  If you have found the best style for you and your hair type then maybe don't change.  There are other ways to change-up your hairs... Maybe color? Maybe your changes need not be hair related.

I guess I'm just trying to clarify my older posts... If you like to change things up then do so.  If you feel like you have your hair game on lock down then maybe the changes you seek are not even hair related.  That's all, that's the fresh perspective...

This poll is not related at all to this post. I was just curious to see how many candy lovers were out there...

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