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the fresh perspective...


When was the last time you changed your hair?  When was the last time you looked in the mirror and were pleasantly surprised?  Yesterday, I gave the 'big-chop' to two clients.  Two other clients (who sat in other chairs) also changed their hairs drastically.  It was a day of big changes and we felt like everyone enjoyed themselves.

Of course there were a few, "Oh it'll be so different when I wash it", or some "Wow, it'll be fun getting used to..." peppered through our day but it was so nice to see people out there changing it up.  Keagan, Karen, Noreen and Patricia this post was for you guys!

Keep up the good work! The best is yet to come! That's the fresh perspective...

By the way, if you're on instagram so are we! Noreen and Karen let us document their 'big-chops', give us a follow and maybe get grammed one day!

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