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the fresh perspective...


Essensity Air Fix Pump Spray

This is  the hairspray that we carry in our green line Essensity.  It's a pump spray, eliminating the use of aerosols.  This fixing spray has a light sent and medium to firm hold.  It lasts all day and is free from all the junk that you may find in aerosol hair sprays.  The not-so-good thing about the pump spray is that I think it's too easy to overuse and make fine hair heavy with pump spray wetness.  For best results, hold at least a foot and a half away from the target area.

Pump or aerosol, the choice is yours and regardless of what your decision is, hairspray should definitely be in your bag of tricks  (if you're one to take the time to style your hair).  That's it.  I'm out.  That's the fresh perspective...

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