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This past week in particular I've been using this product a bit more.  It is a water-free hairspray with a level 2 hold out of 4.   The nozzle allows you to spray a direct line and this is helpful when you are trying to achieve volume at your root.   This volumizing hairspray doubles as a wet styling product and a finisher.  Spray Glamour Queen at your scalp and then blow dry with a round brush for ultra volume.

If you have thick, heavy, coarse hair you  can just use this as a hairspray.  If your lid is a bit fine and limp it's great for use in the way I mentioned above.  I'm not a huge fan of the scent but most of my clients really like the smell, but more importantly this spray delivers.  OSIS Glamour Queen is da bomb! That's the fresh perspective...

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