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Introducing fresh pop - part 4


And today we meet Praise and Tiffany!

Praise owns Freshair Boutique.  Tiffany owns Poppie Clothing.

Praise does Tiffany’s hair.  Tiffany does Praise’s clothes.

(also, you may recognize Amy from part 3 in the middle)

Praise Okwumabua (right) Owner and Stylist, Freshair Boutique

What she’s wearing:  Made for loving silk top, Fidelity jeans (scoop)

Hair trend she’s loving right now: Volume. Nothing beats the hair heat like a round brush blow dry.

Favourite look for fall: Layers, layers, layers. Stripes, solids and everything in between.  She has her eye on the Lucca striped cardigan at Poppie!

Tiffany Thomas (left)

Owner, Poppie Clothing

What she’s wearing:  Free People top, Fidelity jeans (belladonna) and Lisbeth necklace

Hair trend she’s loving right now:  Braids! So many laid-back, pretty options. Favourite piece in Poppie right now:  New fall denim by Fidelity! I looove jeans.

Stay tuned for more fresh pop blog posts that will include; hair tutorials, day to night looks, outfit ideas and photos of special events we will be hosting in the future.

This is just the beginning…..