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the fresh perpective...



Ok, I did it.  I candled my ear.  It was incredible.  Here is what went down...  (don't view if you're a queezer...)

So the candling thing, I believe, is good.  I had to stop cleaning my ear with a q-tip on Dr's orders and this method was satisfactory.  1) It had a weird smell  2) The wax tubey thing didn't really go out when you blew it  3) Paper plate is better than aluminum  4) Some wax did get on me and it was quite hot  5) I couldn't get a comfortable position

It was highly bizarre but I would do it again with a few minor tweaks.  Thanks to Yadili for not letting me candle alone, and no, my hearing is not better.  I'll do it again though. That's the fresh perspective...

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