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Human Nature


My motivation has been dwindling lately and I don't know what to do. I'm tired of doing everything I'm doing, and I'm about ready to take a break.  The thing is I just came from a break and now I'm trying to find excuses for letting things slide.  Is this just the ebb and flow that is life or am I beginning to slip?

I find it funny how as humans we can justify any and everything.  We can always come up with a great reason for laziness that no one can question.  "Oh, she's that way because she's an artist" or "his Dad died two summers ago and he just kept gaining weight..." This is my fave,"Life's too short to worry about such and such..."  Maybe every now and then we need to feel unmotivated and lazy to realize that we are being unmotivated and lazy.  Maybe I just need a few weeks of laziness to realize I'm doing nothing with my life and should kick it into gear. Maybe it's the crappy beginning of beautiful spring.  Maybe there's something to be learned in times like these.  Maybe I'm just human...

LAZINESS (an excerpt)

It's fine to recline on the flat of one's spine, With never a thought in one's head: It's lovely to lay staring up at the sky When others are earning their bread. It's great to feel one with the soil and the sun, Drowned deep in the grasses so tall; Oh it's noble to sweat, pounds and dollars to get, But - it's grand to do nothing at all.

-Robert Service