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Back again...


It's Saturday night and I realize that I haven't written anything in two weeks!  You see, I was on holidays for a week and then, cause I was using my holiday brain, I forgot I had a blog.  Lucky for all, my 'holiday' brain has left, it's just me and my 'let's get this New Years started' brain.  I, like millions of others, have started making all the resolutions that I can think of all at once.  Truth be told I'll probably only keep two or three...I'm just being honest.

I find that all the resolutions do is make us more stressed because we now realized all the things we wanted to do and never did, by December.  The time will pass, fly, swim, skip its way through your life and you'll come to in December thinking of all the things you said you'd do.  Try out that new recipe, get through a book, go to the gym...bah...!!!!  Why do we make so many things to try to accomplish knowing full well we won't get through most of it? I dunno...I wish I did know but I have absolutely no clue.  I don't.

I have a way to make my rezzo's stick.  First, I only make three.  Decent number, not too many-not just one... start small.  This year I plan to shed my baby weight,  join a real functioning book club (sorry guys, we were pseudo...) and spend more time outside.  I find that I also have success because I talk about my goals so often people around me begin to hold me accountable.  For example: baby weight shedding=running marathons=telling everyone I'm running marathons=people asking how the training is going, yada, yada... Ya get me?  It's not that hard but maybe my lame examples can give you a hand in deciding what New Years resolution angle to take.

I am back, I am back...