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Reduce, reuse, recycle your closet


We are about less than a month away from the holidays and I can't help but wonder about our holiday party theme.  You see, we are having a Freshair Bow-tique Christmas.  All the staff will attend our party with some type of bow/bow-tie accessory.  The kicker is that your accessory must be made out of something you currently have.  Sort of like a 'green' accessory.  We are urging each other to reuse the things we have in our homes already, to fashion the accessory of the night. This is where I'm a little stuck.  I have some material lying around my place that I could easily make a bow/bow-tie out of but I don't have an outfit for the party yet.  A part of me is thinking that I should wear something that I currently have  because, let's face it, I have a lot of clothes.  The other part of me thinks that it would be nice to show up to the party in something new...but....

When is a good time to stop buying things?  Is there ever a time?  When will I have enough?  I'm going to attend my Christmas party in something that I currently have.  Watch me.