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So, we are having our grand opening this weekend and I must say none of this would have been possible without my Freshair Boutique team. You know who you are!! Things at the shop are coming together slowly but surely and after this weekend I am anticipating Freshair Boutique's notoriety will begin to travel through Winnipeg conversation...

We have started our facebook and I am pleased to see our fan numbers growing. If you happen to be on facebook and haven't become a fan of Freshair Boutique I urge you to do so.

The main reason for this blog is for me to share issues, news, and things that are important to me. Important things that will always include hair. On the facebook page I started a discussion about bangs. Unfortunately we only had six fans then so.... didn't go so well. Now I think we are at 58 so discussions might actually take off now...maybe...

Bangs are one of the simplest ways to change your hairstyle. Side swept or hairline short, I guarantee that they'll make you look twice, maybe three times at yourself when you pass a mirror. On the other hand, if you've ALWAYS had bangs maybe try growing them out a little. At the end of the day, your hair can be treated like an accessory, it's a part of you that can always change because it will always grow. Don't sell yourself short by not trying something different with your hair. Ya only got one life to live. Just live it already and try something new, if you think you're up for it.