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Whoa! Here we are....


So, here we are. Freshair Boutique's first blog piece. This is a very exciting time for me, because opening a hair salon has been my dream… For. Ev. Er. Anyone who knows me, knows that hair styling will always be my passion. In the next few weeks we will be going through a boat load of exciting stuff, stay tuned. We have, as you know, an amazing website (thanks Pauline, Ife, Ogo and Jill) and our plan is to take over on facebook as well… Feel free to “friend” us.

This month Freshair Boutique will be having a super dee-duper launch, celebrating our arrival to Academy Road and Winnipeg. On April 24th all day from 10-3:30, come check out our shop, meet the staff, and see how going green never looked so good! We are aiming to be the first (and possibly only) green certified salon in the peg… We have some great incentives to help you re-use, reduce and recycle. People, the revolution has begun!

So, as I was saying, we are a green business and we are going to try to get Academy Road on the path to the greenest pasture. Ha! We take pride in the fact that we are green certified and one of our goals is to eventually be a paperless salon. Imagine that! Stick around and see how we do.

Please take the time to check out our freshfolks page to get a little info on the wonderful staff that I work with. (Every once in a while one of them will be moonlighting with a little writing on this here blog.) Once again thank you for dropping by our site and feel free to send us questions about hair, or feedback even. Come by anytime, and if you are in the neighborhood, pop in for a brownie or maybe even a bang trim. Peace!